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N-Power program has been suspended indefinitely the federal government.

This was disclosed on Saturday, October 7, Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. Edu said there are so many irregularities within the scheme and they’ve launched an investigation into the utilization of funds since the program began.

The minister noted that there are some beneficiaries who receive monthly stipends but are not at their place of assignment. Edu also said that some of the beneficiaries ought to have exited the program since 2022 but are still on the payroll.

He said;

“We must go back to look into N-Power and understand what the problems are so we will basically suspend the programme for now until we are done with proper investigation into the utilization of fund into the N-Power program.

“We want to know how many persons are basically on the program right now, how many persons are owed, amount they are owed. We are totally restructuring the N-Power and expanding it.

“There are lots going on. We met people who are supposed to have exited the program since last year and they are still on claiming that they are still teaching.

“Sometimes we contact the school or the places where they are working and they are not there. They are not working yet they keep claiming that they are being owed eight or nine months stipends. About 80 percent of them are not working yet they are claiming salaries”.

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