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The Former Chief of Staff of Niger State and a proactive politician in the State,Honourable Joshua Bawa has announced his membership to the  All Progressive Alliance political party.
He took to social media to make the announcement. He wrote:


 Political Party Declaration

Fellow Nigerlites!
Earlier today, I obtained my membership card with the esteemed All Progressive Grand Alliance Party (APGA).

Let’s be our brother and sister’s keeper.

 Welcome to APGA!


Although a lot of various support groups around the state have been making various  Campaign publications of the politician on different offices he may be contesting for in the forthcoming election.
The loved and accepted honourable has not confirmed with any statement  or campaigned for any office yet.
Popularly known as Kauran Kontogora,He is known to have alot of supporters.
 Let’s keep our arms folded.


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