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Three Chinese women who had travelled to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery were reportedly stopped from flying back home after authorities failed to identify their faces as they looked too different from their passport pictures.

The women who were pictured with swollen faces and bandages around their head were recovering from the operations.
According to reports on Chinese-language media, they were said to look nothing like their passport photos and had been stopped from flying home. The picture was said to be taken at one unnamed airport in South Korea.
The picture of the women, who remain unidentified was said to be posted online Jian Huahua, a Chinese news anchor on Sunday. The news anchor later deleted the photo but only after it had gone viral on social media.
One account, ‘The Beijing Things Beijingers Don’t Know’, managed to re-post the picture on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.  It was claimed that the three women had been prevented from leaving the airport and waited for their identities to be confirmed.
The post also claimed that they were among Chinese tourists who had gone to South Korea for plastic surgery during the eight-day national holiday. 
According to a Mail Online report, the re-post has gathered over 66,740 ‘likes’ and was shared over 27,800 times. It has also received 37,860 comments. 
The re-post also caused mixed reactions on Social Media, as some people found the incident amusing, while others argued that the women were within their rights to change their looks through surgery. 
Meanwhile, it’s yet unclear if the women were allowed to fly back to China.

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