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History has been made and the life of a young Nigerian Gbagyi man transformed as a pencil art portrait attracts super star Kevin Hart.

Consistency is key in reaching stardom and actualizing destiny. The result of the act of consistency and hardwork has been seen and proven a young skillful talented hyperrealism pencil artist. Eli Waduba Yusuf is a Nigerian from Kaduna State from the Gbagyi tribe.

Eli Waduba Yusuf

He is known for his beautiful pencil art works in his locality. As a hyperrealism pencil artist, the light of favour shined on him few days back when an American international comedian Kevin Hart noticed his pencil art work of himself designed the Nigerian hyperrealism pencil artist – Eli Waduba Yusuf.

Eli Waduba Yusuf tweeted the portrait of the pencil art work tagging Kevin Hart and HarinZeyart.

Kevin Hart seeing the portrait didn’t just retweet  but promised to pay for it and promised to also do for his other three celebrity friends.

The news has seen been trending both locally and internationally. CNN has published it and other media houses.

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