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Super Eagles of Nigeria Head coach Gernot Rohr has accepted the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF)  new contract sent to him last month.

In the contract, NFF president Amaju Pinnick revealed they inserted three clauses which includes Rohr residing in Nigeria, watching the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) with a view to grooming home based players to become international stars and being paid his salary in Nigerian Naira.

Pinnick also revealed that other coaches were in contact with him in case Rohr refuses the contract .

Gernot Rohr accepts to be paid in Naira and reside in Nigeria but reveals he has received coaching offers from two countries

Franco-German coach, Rohr, has now disclosed he has accepted the clauses in the contract and that he will be willing to live in Nigeria and be paid in Naira.

Rohr also revealed he also agreed to lower his salary in order to achieve his mission in the West African country and that he waived three months of his salary to help the Federation, as the world battles with the economic downturn caused Coronavirus.

But Rohr has said he added some edits to the contract and that if the NFF accepts his amendments he will be more than happy to continue his job that he started in 2016.

While he waits, the 66-year-old said he has two job offers he has not replied to, pending the final draft of his Nigeria contract.

“I never talk about my contract in public, as you know,” Rohr told ESPN.

“But I heard like everybody what was said President [Amaju] Pinnick, that I have to accept to be paid in naira, and I have to be resident in Nigeria. I agree to these two things, and even I agree to have a lower salary.

“I am not doing my job for money. I am doing my job because I like it. Because we have built a team like you know, and money is not the most important. But I also have to look after my assistants.

“I accept because I think that my mission in Nigeria is not finished yet, and I know very well my players. I know very well the officials. We are now just like a family, and I think it is good to continue especially in this period now where it is difficult to change, to travel, to see new people.”

“If the answer I give with some little changes in my contract is positive, I will continue,” the 66 year old added.

“If not, I have to see what they give me because I have still the requests from two other federations. I received it – they are waiting for my answer – but I will take my time to give the NFF to make the final draft before I answer them.”

“Of course, everybody at the moment has an obligation to understand that there are no matches,” he said.

“Clubs and federations have problems with money, even if they have assistance from Fifa or Uefa, but everybody has to be ready to make sacrifices.

“So I already told NFF that in the months from April to June, we are agreed to cut our salaries, which is also a sign of solidarity”

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