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Goodlcuk Jonathan, former President via his former aid Reno Omokri, has denied media reports claiming N100 billion was moved from the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN and taken to his residence in the presidential villa, Abuja, few weeks to the 2015 general election. The statement reads….

Dear Vice President Osinbajo, Stop Hiding Behind Sources
The stories making the round in the media accusing former President Jonathan of looting N100 billion from the CBN and taking it directly to his house are false. Such a thing never happened.
The Presidency knows so which is why it circulated the story to various media houses and refuse to attach its name preferring to say that the story came from a ‘source’ in the Presidency.
I can authoritatively say that that source is no one other than the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.
These same story was leaked ’sources’ almost word for word to several online media last year.
Let me state that these allegations are lies. More interestingly is the fact that it is because this administration continues to make false allegations of financial misappropriation to mislead the public blackmailing political opponents that caused the Egmont Group to suspend Nigeria.
The suspension is soon to have a very negative impact on Nigerian travelers who may soon find it very difficult to use their Nigerian domiciled cards abroad.
Now, Nigeria is on the verge of being expelled from the Egmont Group precisely because of these types of shenanigans the current administration. If Nigeria is expelled, it will be a great tragedy for our economy.
It is a lie that N100 billion or any other amounts of money was taking from the vaults of the Central Bank of Nigeria and moved to former President Jonathan’s house and if Vice President Osinbajo is sure of his claim, he should come out and make them instead of hiding behind faceless ‘sources’.
This latest round of fallacious rumour mongering is nothing but the desperate last throes of a government that came in through propaganda and is about to go out because of a lack of proper agenda.
The allegation is false and it is precisely because they have no evidence to support this allegation that they are using faceless third parties to spread this slur.
President Jonathan’s administration has the enviable record of advancing Nigeria’s anti corruption war and delivered results to the point where we made our best ever improvement in Transparency International’s CPI in 2014 when we moved 8 places forward from 144 to 136. Can this government say the same.
How many people will they demonize?
Bill Gates spoke, and they said he is a dropout. TY Danjuma has spoken, they have labeled him an anarchist. President Obasanjo spoke and they say he has Messiah complex. President Babangida spoke, they arrested his spokesman. Bishop Kukah spoke, they told him to shut up. Nigerians spoke, they threatened us with death for hate speech!
There is nobody involved in imposing Buhari on Nigeria that is not secretly or openly regretting it. Even his own wife, Aisha, is full of regrets and has not hidden it.
Some may not regret openly, but when they are alone with their conscience it is regret all the way!

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