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Our Society has been bedeviled lots of social, spiritual, physical, mental issues which have  bastardized and also have caused retrenchment of good mental and psychological integrity in all areas of life affecting us negatively in all ramifications of our existence. But as Susan Del Gatto said – “If you choose to not deal with an issue,then you
give up your right of control over the issue and it will select the
path of least resistance.”

It is in this light that The Ground Zero platform has resolved to Solving Problems Existing Anywhere Through Knowledge (SPEAK).  This is where destinies are polished and redirected, wise counsel is given for free in all areas, ideas are given out at no cost and gate fee is FREE…. SPEAK is an awesome event that needs every one to be there including YOU.
This edition is tagged, “Light of the Nations.” Other features include music, spoken words, dance and lots more. Papasam, Blessing Daniel, Pastor Paul Okwuruaha, Mercy Royalty, KCKings, Bisola and many more will be there to minister, bless lives and help redirect destinies.
Its happening on the 25th November 2016 9pm @ RCCG Rehoboth Sarafina Suleja, Nigeria
Gate fee; FREE
Dont come alone, come along with someon
Be there to receive direction for your destiny

Mercy Ndagi Royalty

Blessing Daniel

Papasam Obadan

Pastor Paul Okwuruoha


Bisola Esho

Ground Zero


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