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Remember that some months back we announced a promo that was all about developing and designing websites for Churches and other Christian organisations which we titled “Gospel Web 30” with a minimum cost of just 30,000 naira.
This was a project to design 30 standard  websites in 30 days with just 30k – very unusual.
This was done with the objective to promote the Gospel of Christ providing online platforms.
CLOUDIG- Indiyajnr Reuben the pioneer of the vision gave his best and did that whole heartedly with support from IAMBESTNETWORKS and some other partners from Lagos and Abuja. Although a lot of people didn’t appreciate it yet, it was a success, Glory to God. Some keyed into it while a lot thought we were just there to make money into our pockets , some thought we didn’t know what we were doing, some said if the website will be standard then it should cost more… Lol, but glory to God, We are so happy and glad to say it was a huge success and God has been glorified.
We just decided today to Present to you one among the many beneficiaries who believed in us -“Elshaddai Widows Outreach.”

The “Elshaddai Widows Outreach” founded Hon. Mrs Esther Bmitosahi is a faith based organization that care for widows and the needy once. Here is the link to the website below, its very active:

 Thanks to all our partners who made this possible and thanks to all those who believed in us.

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