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Famous music minister Nathaniel Bassey, on his social media has open up about this year’s #HallelujahChallenge which is to commence tomorrow 4th to 24th February 2019. He said participants shouldn’t worry about what critics will say especially bloggers. Read what he said on social media below:

Let’s go !
Now you know. Share and spread the word to those concerned.
Things to note.
1. Pray in the Spirit at least 1hr during the day.
2. Read the word. Watch out for a collective bible plan this period.
3. Don’t get discouraged all the critics and bloggers that would normally speak against this. Focus.
4. Every night we would pray for the Nigerian elections, using our PVCs as pints of contacts and also encourage people to GO OUT AND VOTE!
5. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments about the Hallelujah Challenge. It’s okay if they think we are wasting our time. At least you know you are not. And have tasted of God’s power.
5. Get out a journal to write. You may use your previous one if you still have.
6. Spend time praying for us. Myself, family and the team as we embark on this.
7. Be excited ! And ready to see GOD MOVE !
8. Tag someone that needs this.
9. Get ready to ??? Sing & Pray
10. Reach for your instruments of praise…., Your Heart, Your voice, your Hands, Legs…. and every thing that has breathe….

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