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Life is in stages and one of those stage is encompassed with celebration that has the caption “they lived happily ever after”. That caption only goes with “Marriage”.

Harry and Hellen have both decided to “live happily ever after”. They are just the perfect match for each other for year 2020 and forever.

Well, not to speak from the social media point of view where virtually everything revolves around LIKES and COMMENTS. But truth is, the stars in their relationship is all about Beauty and poise at a glance; this is obvious.

Reuben Indiya of , a website developer who happens to be his best man said this about Harry and Hellen:

” I wish I could beam the shine of a thousand spotlights to tell the world how beautiful you two are, but even if I gather all their stars from the night sky, they will never be enough to brighten up the atmosphere for you too. I pray for a happy ever after ending for you two.
22nd generation love birds.”

The wedding event for Harry and Hellen goes down today 11th July 2020 in Auchi, Edo State.


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