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Sadly report has it that three people have died in a communal clash between Abuja Gbagyi natives and Hausa residents at the 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa, Abuja.

The deadly clash began on Saturday, April 22, and reached a peak on Monday, April 24.

According to Abuja Facts on Twitter, the fight began between Keke drivers, who are predominantly Hausas, and Gbagi indigenes.

“Reports indicate that there has been unrest at 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa, because of the recent clash between the Hausa folks and Gbagyi residents,” Abuja Facts wrote on Twitter while sharing videos from the scene.

A video shared online shows a man with blood gushing out of wounds on his face.

A voice in the video is heard saying that Hausa guys who sell drugs and drive Keke in Gwarimpa, broke into a counsellor’s house to rob so the Gbayi indigenes became upset and came out at night, asking the Hausa guys to leave Gwarimpa.

This led to a confrontation between both groups and it degenerated into violence.

People were injured and some, sadly, died from their injuries. Cars were also destroyed in the altercation.
The military intervened and restored order. However, after the soldiers left, the violence continued late into Saturday night and resumed on Monday morning.

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