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Over time there has been issues of couples giving birth to children with genotype of SS which usually causes pain to both the parent and the child. Iambestnetworks has been able to put together the different genotypes & blood groups and with the best partner suitable for each.

Genotype & It’s Appropriate Suitor:
Genotype is the genetic constitution of an individual organism. Check the different genotypes below…
AA + AA = Excellent
AA + AS = Good
AA + SS = Fair
AS + AS = Bad
AS + SS = Very Bad
SS + SS = Extremely Bad (In fact, don’t try it)


What’s Your Type and how common is it?

O+       1 in 3        37.4%
(Most common)

A+        1 in 3        35.7%

B+        1 in 12        8.5%

AB+     1 in 29        3.4%

O-        1 in 15        6.6%

A-        1 in 16        6.3%

B-        1 in 67        1.5%

AB-     1 in 167        .6%

Compatible Blood Types

O- can receive O-

O+ can receive O+, O-

A- can receive A-, O-

A+ can receive A+, A-, O+, O-

B- can receive B-, O-

B+ can receive B+, B-, O+, O-

AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-

AB+ can receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+,  A-,  O+,  O-

This is an important msg which can save a life! A life could be saved….
: Your Blood group also speaks about you.
?(+) : Good leadership.
?(-) : Hardworking.
?(+) : Can Sacrifice for others and very ambitious, tolerance.
?(-) : Non flexible, Selfish & Sadistic.
?(+) : Born to help.
?(-) : Narrow minded.
?(+) : Very difficult to understand.
?(-) : Sharp & Intelligent.
Be sure to make the right choice today save the lives of your unborn children
Diagram source: Google

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