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I press towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philipians 3:14

Great achievements await the man that will think big and attempt tasks that appear bigger than them. All great achievement requires great attempts. You cannot catch a big fish running after small ones in the river. You may not know you can do something when you have not attempted to do it.

Each time you set a limit for yourself; you weaken your skill power. Debbie Guthrie wrote, “After you climb one mountain, no matter how small, you may find the rest easier to conquer. You can never realize your skill to jump high limiting yourself to small hurdles. You can only attain the incredible when you do the impossible.

Hear this and never forget for life: that when you stop thinking you start sinking, When you stop thinking you start stinking. Lack of effective thinking is the reason for stagnation, think big and aim high in your course, you will soon discover you can do far better than you thought after all.

A writer, after he had completed his twenty years of research said: ” it is most appalling to know that ninety five percent of people of the world are drifting aimlessly through life without the slightest conception of the work for which are best fitted, and with no conception whatsoever of even the need of such a thing as a definite objective toward which to strive. ” Don’t join the camp of mediocers who are always satisfied with an average achievement. Do not stop at the valley, move to the mountain.

PRAYER: O LORD, take away every atom of inferiority complex in my life in the Name of Jesus.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I speak today into your life, anything that has been a limitation, preventing you from soaring through your high way. Is removed in the Name of Jesus.

STUDY AND MEDITATE ON THE FOLLOWING SCRIPTURES:  Luke 14:23, Isaiah 62:10, Proverbs 16:17.


WORD FOR THE DAY: Lack of effective thinking is the reason for stagnation.

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