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Today been 3rd of February 2019 is a day to celebrate as our TV(IAMBEST TV) presenter Deborah Danbaba is plus one. We are gllad to have her and we celebrate her because she is unique. We wish her long life and prosperity…

Our CEO, Shedy Elisha has this to say about her:

The best thing that can ever happen to someone is not even having money but is to have people who understand your vision, goals and where you are going to no matter how long it takes to reach the finish line. These people stick to you because they too have visionary eyes, they believe in you and no matter what, they are always there. Others may go but these rare type of people will always remain.
Deborah Danbaba is one of such persons who have tarried with me through this journey. A lot of people have come to IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD but they left and its simply because they are clueless about the vision(they refused to walk and work with the vision) and they thought its a place for paparazzi and they wanted immediate gratification. So happy to say its not so with Deborah Danbaba. She has been with us through our “lows and highs”. When she came in to IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD, we were nothing and we had just started but she has stayed with us and her contributions are enormous. She deserves a party.
Deborah Danbaba is a skilful presenter with IAMBEST TV of IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD. My prayer for you today Deborah Danbaba is that God will prosper you with long life. Have fun!

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