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Here is a must read beautiful moral, educative and impactful piece written Papasam Obadan and it’s talking about the ills in our society. You will love it. Read it below after this cut:

Beautiful she is, bountiful she seeks
Men want a valuable part of her they can afford.
She brings her mum chicken from different kitchens, and makes her mum eat it the way she’s been eaten.
With series of abortions, she forgets the notion, that even the glutton eats the lion’s meat with caution.
Freely her legs are open to him like hell’s gate,
Doesn’t care for her soul, yet she calls him soul mate
 He no more masturbates or need to wait since he can pay pass her gate
She smiles as her teeth shines brighter than her future, posing close to the vulture, busy taking pictures, though in his mind she’s not in the big picture.
They both paint pictures the other can’t see
 His own has many fishes cos it’s a sea Her own, quite funny, she paints a team Dumb girl, you’re not a part of Chelsea cos you bought a jersey
And that skill you learnt from the movies, the dude has seen a few scenes.
He knows once his broke she’ll hit the road
But like a hoe she doesn’t care to know Mouth wide open like bingo she goes to and fro
Though she’s worth more than gold, how long will it take for her to know?
Folks call her b**ch cos she lives in a ditch
She’s not a witch, that’s why I’m trying to preach
 Slave to the rich, though famous in her street
Always quick, not known within the meek, but in the middle of the bridge it ends as a wish
1, 2, 3, time quickly ticking, she locates the nearest church and then starts sweeping.
The sweet nights in bolingo, dreams of Toronto, pet name choco-milo, all end like sosoliso.
Who am I to judge when I once was dumb, when I once indulged in the sin of lust, but will I act dumb or go mute just because I smell of her hug? Hmm!
Who am I to preach when I’ve laid in her bed, and even in that of her friend?
Who am I?
Guilty, hypocrite or what?
Oh! I am a mouthpiece, ordained for truth
Forgiven God so I feel no guilt, the dark past is gone so I can talk to you, if you’re tasted all, who should marry you?
If you were your spouse, would you marry you?
If sex brought wealth why are dogs eaten lefts?
“Success is not sexually transmitted”
Dear Mr Vulture, let’s revisit your picture, no, first your future.
As long as you spend time with the carcass you can’t rule the air
Why come down like Samson’s hair?
While you wait for weak meat, eagles are soaring high, leave dead meat, no dead thing can give life
Now your picture, what a lovely sea, but there’s something you don’t see, Lots of fishes in the sea
But do sharks and whales still live in the sea?
STOP! Or very soon you two will see, and that will be the last scene…
-Papasam Obadan
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