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By pastor Misheal Tomizayi
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Proverbs 22:29.

Every man in life want to be identified greatness. To be a failure is to a liability to yourself and your generation. Diligence in your life given  assignment and destiny is the doorway the high places of the earth and it is the access to flying high in life. Anytime you see a person catapulted to higher places in life, it is the product of his diligence and dogged commitment to his primary life and destiny assignment. walking with God and been  committed, addicted and obedient to His commandments is to be deposited with a spiritual component of attraction to prominent and high dignified people in life. King David was a man diligent in his assignment in obscurity but ended in the throne room of Israel. There is nowhere in the world that the voice of a prisoner can be counted as a contribution to local or national issue, but a man named Joseph who kept prospering divine hand of God coupled diligence, not only became a prime minister in Egypt but a father to Pharoah. What is the meaning of this? It is because a diligent person shall stand before kings and not mere men. A lot of people think that it is when you become important that you work hard. No sir! It is hard work that makes you important. It is hard work that makes people to escape the low life. Yesterday dated 27th june 2017. My father in the Lord, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche organised a meeting that lasted more than ten and half hours (from 9:30am-7:50pm). Such a man with bulldozer mentality, is sorted around the world as an essential commodity,why? Diligence, hard work and tenacity.
Diligence is the key to success. It is also a doorway to excellence. A diligent man or woman, young and old must excel. He must come to a point where he is at the peak of his career or field. He will come to a point where he is ahead of his contemporaries. Diligence bring prominence and eminence. I urge you this morning to be diligence and it shall be your ladder to achieving greatness in life.
Diligence is a choice not a chance.

I pray for you this morning that the grace to propel you into diligence is imparted into your spirit now in Jesus name.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I stand in the voice of my master, and I prophesy upon your life today, that your diligence shall bring you out of every obscurity into the realm of prosperity and authority to make you a voice in your generation in Jesus name.

……It is never too late with God……

Pastor Misheal Tomizayi is the founder of Voice of Tabernacle.

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