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Iyah Prisca Manayi Ezra a beautiful young woman who hails from Zuma,Bwari Area Council  Abuja and signed to I am Best Music is here with a beautiful inspiring article. Her song Yabo is  trending and blessing lives. Prisca is a multi-talented  young woman that is inspiring this generation with her gifts. Here is an awesome article written her. She titles this article – “God Over All.”  Read below…

God Over All Prisca Manayi
I have  actually  thought  in life I could do things my way without involving God. But little did I know that I was taking myself into chaos. Things I thought would work out never did.
And many of us today, neglect God in our daily activities;our situations whether good or bad, we don’t bother to sit, pray and ask Him to take charge of our day and the activities for the day.
Have you experience starting your day without God and the outcome for that day? I am a victim of that. Sometimes, I just open my eyes, check my clock and I’m already late so, I just  jump up and start dressing up for the day not asking the owner of the day to take charge. The result of that day is always something else;  I will just return and  start lamenting “Ahhhhhh what a day.”

When God is over everything  in your life and I mean  “EVERYTHING“, not just involving Him in some aspect and you leave the rest maybe because you feel you are bugging Him. Remember He has instructed us to ask “ANYTHING” in his name He will do, not just to ask for somethings ,No!!! – He says “Anything.

I actually got an eye opener in the scriptures  in psalm 46:5 and it says – “God is in the midst of her;she shall not be moved; God will help her right early at the dawn of the morning….” How majestic  is this God? He is Great indeed!!!

Friends, how can we ever hope to have order in our lives if we don’t know how to put the most important thing (God) ahead of other things. When God is over all , you see ORDERLINESS manifesting in your life even in the things you do.

In all you do put God  first rather than trying to work Him into your schedule. Jesus assured  us in Matthew 11:28 to come to Him, who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened… This is the part I love so much it says : “I will cause you to REST. I will Ease;Relieve and Refresh your soul.” (AMP version) Hah!!! what a Great God.

No matter what you do put God first and see how things work out as planned the greatest planner – God.
God Over All the difficult formula but the simplest equation to health and Godly Living.

Prisca Manayi
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