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I took a tour round my options.
I decided that I show no more emotions.
It time I wake up my other functions.
It time I explore those unseen portions.
I come greasing in like lotion.
My story is unexplained like an explosion.
I am so versatile in my art like an ocean.
My God is always on the motion and it feels like the devil ain’t coming back from vacation.
Felt like a dream come through when I saw the Sun in the dawn of the night.
I woke up in a burning house, all my misery is gone.
All I see now is the night shinning bright.
All I can say is my day’s won.
My life is a blessing.
All those trials now relate to me like a lesson.
No more stressing.
All I see from God since day one is overflowing mercy.
The devil must be a good striker with the way at which he kicks people.
My God must be the best goal keeper with the way at which he saves people.
He is a defender and a lender of strength.
At the most slender doubt to impossibility, he gives possibility a tent.
The seconds are counting up as the days of a man constantly counts to an end.
My blessings are doubling as it comes to no end.
For I trust the only one able to defend.
When all seems broken, he is able to mend.

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