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A collection
of inspiring quotes. Deep
creative thinking and years of study. – Paul



were unworthy of your attention; we did not deserve what you had 
but would
not give us. The only good you ever did us was to throw us 
away the
river bank.The men had
been coming down here for days with their lovers to enjoy the scenery
of the ocean in the hot afternoons. Under her shade they sat and enjoyed
themselves. Unknown to them she was the seed which they 
despised and threw away the river banks.Know this
for real if your desire is to one day become a tree or a mighty forest;
there are those whose life’s business it is to chop trees without planting
any.Trees the River bank…..
Read and enjoy…
1. Do not
put your trust in the crowd that surround you, for they are
swayed fine oratory and coin.
2. It is
fatally dangerous to your future to fall into the trap of
entanglement with a man or woman who has no
to reach beyond the present.
Sometimes out of sympathy you could lend people your
to wipe their tears, and they fail to return it; they
forget that
you will also need it.
4. When you
become amazing, people will like you, when you
become too
powerful they will resist you.
5. You are
worth more than a king’s ransom, do not settle for less
than you
deserve for fear of rejection.
6. The
three greatest allies of greatness; love, faith, and grit.
7. No one
on earth has the power to decide your harvest except you.
8. There
are no dullards anywhere except the ones we name; we
only have
genius placed in the wrong environment.
9. No dull
students any where, only inexperienced teachers.
10. We have
been held on this island and prison for far too long,
there is a
world out there waiting for us; not for our contributions,
but for our
inspiration. We were created for impact.
11. Only
one mightier and stronger than the oppressor can
deliver the
oppressed from the hand of the oppressor.
12. The
only reason why some of us survived the war was
because we
were predestined to tell the stories of men braver
than us on
the battle field.
13. We are
at war my friends, and our allies are no ordinary
with flesh
and blood; we have heaven’s army on our side, they
who have
never lost any battle. So courage my friends, put on
helmet, draw your swords, raise your shields charge!
14. The
world is fast changing and only those who are obsessed
with the
act of changing lives and influencing society will matter.
Humanity has declared war on herself, we see this battle
place within the secrecy of our heart and the confines of
our homes;
the only way we can win is to love.
16. Most
people will not pay any attention to you until they need
17. The
challenge of humanity is to try our best to remain human
18. When
ever a giant arises, God raises a giant slayer.
19. God
wants us to become truly great, only on his terms.
20. Do not
define yourself what your agitators and irritators
say about
No one ever had a free bump-less ride to greatness.
22. They
ability to sting resides in the nature of bees, they may
look tiny,
peaceful and powerless, but ruffle them up a little bit and
you will be
23. The
value of a man is directing proportional to the identity of
the man.
24. Show me
your association and I will tell you how powerful
you are.
25. Do not
start writing goals when you do not know who you are,
why you are
here, and where you are going.
26. The day
you begin to know who God is, is the day you begin
understand who you are.
27. Without
identity there is no authority.
28. A man
who does not know who he is can not give anything
relevant to
his generation.
29. We are
all addicts; some addictions are just more honourable
others, while some are just destructive.
30. People
often ask God for what they have no capacity to carry.
They forget
that God is not a waster.
31. As a
little boy I was afraid of any mind and its curiosity
because they
were always some what crazy. But now I
it was the genius in me seeking expression.
32. I was
at first afraid of being different, but once I stepped out
of the
crowd and saw what it was, there was no going back. Now
the journey
is towards becoming a better misfit.
Yesterday was not my best; it was the least I could ever do. I
do not want
to look back on yesterday when I have today.
Practice with the mentality that you are the best of the best
and people
expect you to perform more than the best you did
35. If
someone really loves you, you do not need his or her word
to prove
it, look for the care and sacrifice.
36. People
misread you, misunderstand you, and then they
you. Do not think too much on it, for we all read and
books differently.
Jealousy always leads to suspicion.
38. You
cannot exercise your faith above your desire.
39. They
walk about full of sores, although we cannot see this;
some of
pity complaining and hopelessness.
40. The
reason why we need to break out of poverty is because
we are poor
and we are tired of being bullied and oppressed by
41. When
the rising of one man becomes the rising of many: this
is the definition
of success
42. Your
wisdom creates excellence, excellence attracts royalty.
43. I wish
the church would focus more on building human
than infrastructures.
44. All
clowns are the same; all sages are wise in their own way.
45. I have
always known I did become great but what I did not
was how and when it would happen.
46. No
matter how rich a slave is, he is still a slave if his master is
than he is.
47. Justice
is this, truth above all else. This concept of justice
begins in
our heart.
48. Any
place where the fear of authority is put before reason,
truth and
justice, has falling into slavery.
49. Justice
demands that the truth be the truth anything apart
from the
truth is not the truth.
50. I
believe if your stomach is small and your hunger is huge,
you will
still have to eat in proportional to the size of your stomach.
Thus, it is
our capacity that dictates what we can accumulate not
our desire.
51. I
believe in ruthless forgiveness which is another form of
52. You are
merely a position occupant, a tyrant waiting to be
oust from
power if you are not empowering those who you claim
to lead.
53. All of
us are either heroes or villains in our own way.
54. Your
words are powerful; they can either light a candle or put
it out.
55. Wisdom
that comes through experience often leaves scares
on its
56. I
believe women are the most complicating puzzles, yet the
interesting of all creatures, except there are no women on
planet, please do not ask me why.
57. Live
your life with the mindset that every word you say alters
the world
58. Let it
not be written on our epitaph coming generations
that we,
who could have inspired them, allowed our self to be
off on Excuse Island.
59. The
only instrument with which we can measure love is deeds.
60. No man
on earth can operate beyond his level of
61. These
demons will never leave us be; there they are lurking in
shadows. Our only hope is to hold onto our candles and pray it
never goes
62. I
locked my demon in a bronze casket and buried him, I gave
the keys to
my friend, as I advance towards home, there he was,
my own
buried demon rushing to embrace me.
Churches have been stagnated and the progress of empires
when older people neglected, despised and rejected
64. In
human history, it has been proven that every time a great
change is
to occur, it thrives on the shoulder of men whose back
are not yet
bent or bed ridden any form of struggle.
65. Love is
the only way two insane people can stay together
biting each other.
66. It is
better to stab yourself than to tell a lousy person a secret
and expect
him to keep it.
67. Hatred
removes the likeness of God from our being. When we
continue in
hate, we peel off the very nature of God the father in us.
68. The
rarest beauty always emerges out of the murkiest waters;
I did.
69. When
you turn your back on mediocrity, your shadow may
become your
only friend.
70. If the
reason why you forgive is to come off as someone
matured, then you are still no different from a child.
71. When
someone offends you, you have the right to choose
response; bitter anger or forgiveness.
72. Real
greatness is about human service. It is what you do for
others, how
you have touched their lives in a way that they can
Greatness is not just an idea, or status, it is service to people.
74. Faith
does not look through the keyhole of doubt; faith walks
through the
door of hope.
75. We
should not just stop at contributing to human
we should also strive to inspire people. The world is
filled with contributors, what she needs is inspiration.
76. As the
world seem to turn against you, you must understand
that it is
because there is something in you that they see but can
comprehend. Do not hate or resent anyone, it is part of your
77. The
ability to listen to a man talk non- sense for a very long
time is not
patience, it is called endurance.
78. You
have to increase your value to improve the quality of your
life and
the lives of those in your world. Do not allow yourself to be
satisfied, when you can go one more mile.
79. All
progress begins with a step.
80. Real
respect is always earned. There is nothing under heaven
unconditional respect, deed precedes respect.
Unconditional love precedes unconditional giving; this kind of
love shames
the other giving when the recipient has not earned
82. With
achievement comes admiration, with admiration comes
83. You
have to decide early on what you want; to be loved or to
respected, to be popular or to be feared? What do you really
84. Old
people are the creators of history and its lessons, young
people are
the acquisitions of the future.
85. The
most basic need of every being is an environment where
they can
find expression.
86. Dancing
keeps me sane in an insane world; no grudges,
malice or
sadness. It is all love.
Ingratitude makes man an animal, even worse, for some
animals do
know how to say thank you when you do them a
take a dog for instance.
Dedicate your time and resources to empowering people and
you will
never go bankrupt on joy.
89. Every
great accomplishment began as someone’s day dream.
90. The
size of your library reveals to me the depth of your insight
and the
size of your vision.
91. There
can be no transformation without confrontation, until
two stones
clash there’s no fire.
92. You
cannot offer anything tangible to this world except you
consciously given yourself to life-long learning.
93. A man
who is inconsistent in his virtues even though he is
and has lofty desires that reaches the heavens cannot
imprint his
convictions upon this world.
94. No one
will bow to you if you are not a master. For the world
only recognizes a master when he emerges even though he may
be clothed
in rags: the attention he is given is a fragment of the
reward he
receives for discovery of his path, staying on it and the
acquisition of skill.
Greatness is never a product of chance or luck as most
would rather believe. It is the conscious continuous effort
thrown at
the wheel until man’s utmost desire is made tangible.
96. There
will always be someone more intelligent and wiser than
you are in
your field seek him out and pay attention to what he
97. Real
education is about mastery: the patient consistent
of skill in any trade.
98. It take
two t bring down a wall. If one person attempts to bring
down the
wall alone without the agreement of the other, war
breaks out.
99. No
friends of foe until purpose are discovered.
100. The
value of every book far outweighs the market price.
101. Where
there is love there is a way.
The author
has several thought provoking materials on the internet that is
trending in
several professional fields from Arts and Sciences to
and Medicines, Religion and Politics, Education and Family
life. He is
the co-host of the life transforming event S.P.E.A.K. (Solving
Existing Anywhere through Knowledge) organised the
Ground Zero
movement in Nigeria.
The material
in your hand is an excerpt of the book ‘‘Tress By The River’’.
All quotes
in this book are the authors own.

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