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These days lots of people are going into marriage as if they are going into shopping store to get clothes. Ain’t saying it is not good, marriage is a good one but you need to know what you’re going into. A friend and a sister Blessing Daniel who has one time being on our online Tv, I am Best TvWatch here shared a wonderful article with me on whatsapp about “the period of waiting” before one gets married. Thought of sharing it with you, its a great one. Read below

 *#While You Wait*
~Rev Dave Ogbole

_Excerpts of Whatsapp Seminar at the Relationships&Marriage forum_
Held on
*23rd November 2016*

Waiting is the sum total of activities between the season of conceiving a marriage dream and the actual time of wedding.

There are three basic models to the subject of waiting
1 for some it is time of passive wish and expectation either to find for the male or be found for the female
2 To some, it is the period of aggressive hunt for a spouse
3 For others it is a time of value addition and destiny pursuit

*Which of this three models of waiting do you consider most appropriate?*

Marriage is a means not an end. It was ordained as a support system for life assignment. The assignment is most crucial cos only a task attracts reward not privileges.

*What are the tasks that should occupy our season of destiny discovery and value addition before marriage?*

In summary, pursue God, pursue knowledge, and pursue your passion . key word is pursuit

The you that was born is too raw to succeed in anything. Only pursuit will process you.

Pursuing your passion will bring you fulfilment and money.

You need Christ, character and cash to be a good spouse. CCC??

Courtship can be run on promises but marriage involves cash

Courtship is campaign while marriage is governance?

Marriage itself requires preparation that we seldom get from our parents or schools even though most profession have schools that prepare people to excel. I am yet to see a school of husbanding n wifery #permitmyterms

Our weddings are nothing but a sentence in legal terms, for a couple to go and try out their luck in a course they are not prepared for.

That is why they give u a certificate on resumption instead of graduation, because nobody will be there when you graduate if you ever do.

*How do you prepare yourself not to fail in marriage?*

Stayed prayed up!

We need to let God take charge of our ‘Character’

Marriage can undo easy virtuous

Being filled with the spirit will enable us know the will of God. Ephesians 5:17-18

Study is essential in fact for us to know if you are serious about a subject, the number of books you have read about it should equal your age.

At 30, you should have read thirty books on relationship, personality development and marriage.

*Practical Steps*
1. Judge the potential spouse the witness of the spirit in your heart.
It is usually characterized peace when you think of a future with them.

2. Judge them the Christian character they exhibit. A person who does not love God cannot love you.

3. Judge them their willingness to give. The proof of love is giving
This transcends money or recharge card oo???

There is nothing like love at first sight. There is only attraction at first sight.

Love is a decision to commit to someone whose strength and weaknesses you now know.

Love comes from knowing a person.

Attraction comes from seeing a person.

Attraction is an invitation the container, love is sticking with the content.

You must be attracted to the person you marry because marriage is for a long time and it matters what you wake up to see every morning?????

Everyone God called was busy on something. When marriage is not happening yet, keep developing yourself and adding value to your point of assignment. Your spouse is in your point of assignment.

Marriage is never a cure for loneliness or immorality.

Such people enter marriage with a consumer mentality instead of an investors mentality.

Investors go to give, consumers go to take.

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I hope you enjoyed it.

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