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The word of the LORD came expressly… and the hand of the LORD was there upon him.
Ezekiel 1:3

All men were created equal but it is the hand of the Lord upon a man’s life that distinct him from others and what attracts the Hand of the Lord are His Words.
Bible saying ” The Word of the Lord came EXPRESSLY” That is,  it came without unnecessarily stops and delay. It also came with specific intentions to fulfill a purpose.
Gideon understood this that was why he asked the angel in Judges 6:13 ” O my Lord, if the LORD be with us… where be all his miracles which our fathers told us of,” He understood there was more because the Word settled inside of him does not need to reside in him unstirred. And the Hand of the Lord came upon him and He became a mighty man of valour and the saviour of Israel from the hand of the Midianites. (hand of God against the hand of the enemy equals divine intervention.)
When the Hand of the Lord comes upon you, every hand of the enemy withdraws.
When the Hand of the Lord is upon a man, spiritual portals are open and Grace in awesome dimensions are activated.
If you want the Hand of the Lord upon you then let the Word be settled inside of you.
The hand of the enemy is to make a man complain and to complain is to call pain.

PRAYER: Father I make demand of your hand in my life today against my adversary in Jesus name.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: By the divine mandate of God, I decree and declare, reverse, announce and enforce the word of God that will beat down every Assyrian rising against you today in Jesus name.

STUDY AND MEDITATE ON THE FOLLOWING SCRIPTURES. Ezekiel 37:12; 1kings 12:22; 1 chronicle 17:3.

Pastor Misheal Tomizayi
WORD FOR THE DAY: The word of God has the capacity to perform what is says when you believe and declare it.

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