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Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

The word of God is God Himself. When men need a perfect execution of Assignment, they look for perfect experts to fullfil such task. But when God need anything to be put in shape, He sends forth His Word to execute such a task for Him. No wonder, Job 6:25a How forcible are right words!
God called out light out of hidden or obscurity and told light to come forth and be. So there was light, God gave light it’s name and identity. It was light responsibility to respond and become what the creator called it to be. Likewise when the Lord called us and said “let you be”, then it is the time and season to become what He has predestined you to be. As long as you take ownership and stewardship of the will of God in your life.
The spoken word of God upon a person is the seed of becoming everything God has created you to be. Everything in life has been created a seed. God spoke our existence and we became a seed in our mothers womb.
It is a seed of greatness and full of potentials. An Apple seed does not look like an apple yet, but it’s only the seed. But that little seed has the capacity. Potential and DNA to be an apple in the fullness of Time. That’s why it is called an apple seed; Just like Prophet Jeremiah, he was called a prophet but before the Lord placed him in His Mother’s womb. He was just wondering prophetic seed That was given an assignment and prophetic coding to be a prophet called to the Nations. Whatever the Lord has put inside of you is a seed of what you really were born to be. There is nothing in the universe that was not being created.
Without a seed being planted, God released a spiritual seed into the earth and from the earth this is what you really are. A seed that will sprout froth or be birthed out.

PRAYER: O Lord. May the seed in me grow in its season and bud the power of your word in Jesus Name.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: today I prophesy that every seed of greatness inside you shall be water the Word to enhance it growth in Jesus Name.

Genesis 1:1-5, Jeremiah 1:1-13, Isaiah 55:9-12.


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