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Minister of information Lai Mohammed yesterday Wednesday declared that President Buhari had become a victim of his own transparency in relation to his current vacation. speaking with State House correspondents after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) on the interest Nigerians have shown in knowing the President’s health status. According to him, the President is hale, hearty and absolutely in no danger. Read part of his statement…

“I can say it without any equivocation, Mr President is well, he is hale and he is hearty; no question about that. “I want to assure you, Mr President is well and he is in absolutely no danger. Mr. President, like I said elsewhere, is probably a victim of his own transparency. He was going on leave, he did what the constitution said he should do, transmitted it to the National Assembly and Acting President was put in place. And he said `while I am on leave, I am going to conduct some medical tests’ which many, or all of us do without announcing it.’’ Mohammed said it was surprising that Buhari was pronounced dead some people, less than six hours after he arrived in London.

He noted with regret that even those, who saw the President board the aircraft in Abuja en route London, claimed that he was flown to that country via an air ambulance.

The minister, who said that the vice president speaks with president Buhari on a daily basis, added:

“I can assure you that the President is well he is hale and hearty and there is absolutely no cause for concern. Mr President is not ill, he is not in hospital and there is no reason to give anybody any bulletin about his health, pure and simple.”

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