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Let’s be honest, there used to be a time when men were raised to be the highest at everything in the home, so a woman doing so much would scare men who were not up to her level away. For instance, you as a lady earns 500k a month, a guy earning 60-80k would run away. In fact, guys earning less than 500k would run away, leaving your chances very slim because not many men earn that high.
Today, the mindset is still in play but then we have also grown in different ways. You are first an individual woman before you are a wife so you need to take care of yourself before wondering about being a wife. The dynamics have changed today and men are looking for women who are no longer not ambitious. As it stands today, more men are likely to take you seriously because you are versatile and have physical worth so what’s the excuse?
Love and marriage should aim to grow you through companionship and your man or woman should be able to relate with your growth. Well, it is true that it would reduce the amount of men who earn or own more than you, it doesn’t reduce the chances out there for a quality life partner because he doesn’t need to earn or own as much as you to be able to relate to the concept of pushing growth in his home.

A leader won’t always be the one who has the most. Many of those you lead would have more than you. If you are not able to deal with this then you are not worthy of leadership, even as a husband.
Yes, we have seen several situations where for many, status and wealth have affected their character negatively but this is not as it is with everybody. A good woman is a good woman regardless of what she owns. The men out there knows who matter.
Buy the car of your choice if you are able to afford it. Invest in properties if you can afford it. Travel for vacations that you can afford. Go for pilgrimage if you so desire. Shop as you so desire.

The bottom line is, don’t hold up your life and happiness in the hopes that it would raise your chances of landing a good man. The irony is that many actually found theirs while ‘living’ during pilgrimages, holidays or even in the process of setting up investments.
Do your thing, live and thrive….it won’t stop a man that’s yours from being yours. – Winnifred Obed

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