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Reno Omokri who sees himself as President Buhari’s tormentor has today on his social media handles called Governors seeking for state police as weaklings. He said this while comparing the Hisbah of Kano state which was established without any questioning from the Federal Government and other states who are seeking state security but are threatened bythe Federal Government.

Read his post from his official Facebook account

In my opinion, state Governors requesting for state police are weaklings. Who gave permission for Kano to have Hisbah? Nobody. You don’t need permission from #Buhari or the National Assembly to defend yourself. Chapter VII of the UN Charter gives you the “inherent right of individual or collective self-defence”. Therefore, create your own Hisbah, and arm them with the same type of arms that Kano Hisbah bears, and stop killer herdsmen! If anybody takes you to court, then you file a motion to join Kano and other Northern state Hisbah. The court can’t render your own Hisbah illegal and say Kano’s Hisbah is legal. “Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful than ten rulers in a city.”-Ecclesiastes 7:19 . #BuhariTormentor #Tableshaker

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