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The Independent and National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that it will be prosecuting Governor Yahaya Bello for double registration at the end of his tenure. 

According to the National Commissioner and Chairman Voters Education and Information Committee Festus Okoye, Governor Yahaya Bello’s immunity clause is shielding him from prosecution.

He also revealed that the electoral commission decided to prosecute Yahaya Bello after an investigation which led to the dismissal of two of its staff and suspension of an Assistant Director. 

Okoye said; 

“The case of double registration against the Kogi State governor has not been abandoned but there is nothing the Commission can do now because he is still under immunity. But the time the immunity expires, the Commission will meet and take a decision on the next line of action.

“We started with our Staff who were implicated in the double registration first, while we have to wait until the governor ceases to enjoy immunity, which protects him against prosecution”.

On if the Kogi Governor was indicted in its investigation, the INEC Commissioner said; 

“There are various stages involved, you have to investigate, prosecute and convict or acquitt, you can not just conclude that one is guilty or innocent without exhausting the entire process. So when we get to that bridge we cross it”.

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