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Say No Campaign (SNC) Nigeria and the ActionAid Nigeria has call for betterand sustainable deals for Nigerian women so that they can contribute positively to national development as expected of them.
The spokeswomen of SNC-Nigeria Freda Ukpoju in a statement commended the auspicious role women have played in nation building across the globe and called on the federal government of Nigeria to do more to support the women providing adequate protection and safe learning environment for the girl child as well as promote inclusive governance.
“Women, especially African women, have overcome enormous challenges of cultural, economic, religious and political nature, and have made giant strides in overcoming them, impacting governance and occupying the highest position of authority in an African country. These are no lean feat for the once highly marginalised and exploited sect.
“Say No Campaign Nigeria, therefore, celebrate all women and urge governments, especially the Nigerian government to recognize the pivotal role of women in the socio-economic development of the society and address some of the challenges still faced women in Nigeria, particularly, the abduction of school girls in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, maternity death, incessant rape of the girl child and victims of communal clashes,” she said.
In a separate commemorative message the ActionAid while urging the Federal Government to leverage on #taxpower to improve funding and fulfillment of women’s rights also urged the Federal Government to stop giving away millions of Naira in corporate tax breaks and treaties that could have been spent on providing basic amenities that will keep women safer in cities and communities across the country.
Accruing to the organisation a previous ActionAid report “Leaking Revenue” had showed how a ten-year tax break the government to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies led the country to losing US$ 3.3 billion in tax revenue. This is far in excess of the amount needed to purchase 600 additional buses (US$ 54 million) to help address overcrowding, allowing women and girls’ greater freedom of movement and access to opportunities and rights such as employment, education and health.
Speaking in Abuja, ActionAid Nigeria Country Director, Ene Obi said “Women should have the right to move around their city without fear of violence. We welcome Government’s commitments to gender equality, but we need to see this translated into investment in public services that account for everybody’s needs. More tax, well spent, can help make this happen. We also need to start seeing greater participation of women in decision making especially on issues that affects them.
“Governments should ensure that women participate equally and meaningfully in all processes around designing, legislating and budgeting, not just for their safety but in every sphere. Aggressive reduction of corporate tax bills undermines the efforts of governments to secure resources to cover the costs of providing adequate basic amenities that is required women and girls.”
ActionAid therefore urged government to regulate, subsidize or provide public transport; promote laws and public campaigns to eliminate discrimination and violence against women and girls; and ensure that the additional revenue from closing tax loopholes prioritizes women’s unique needs and services that uphold and protect women’s rights.
Source: Daily Trust

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