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Is Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola having a mental breakdown already? Is life in the premier league already affecting him?
In a very bizarre interview, the former Barcelona/ Bayern Munich coach who is so used to success at his previous clubs, said: ‘When I finish my career as a coach I will disappear. You won’t find me again in your life.’

In a recent interview he revealed he will soon retire from the game of football.

Speaking bizarrely to NBC, Guardiola said :

‘When I finish my career as a coach I will disappear. You won’t find me again in your life. If you’re looking for me, you will find me on the golf course. I will be there. There will be no wind, no rain.’

Asked about his move to Man City in the summer on a 3-year contract, Guardiola added:

‘I decided to prove myself. And for my family, to move on from our comfort zone. So it’s good for everybody.

‘We get the American culture, where people do not stay for a long time in one place. They move a lot and I believe in that. After Barcelona I moved to Munich and then decided to have a new target. That is why I chose Manchester — to prove myself and have a new challenge.  

‘Yes, I’d prefer it was less windy but that I cannot change! Wind is good for the character? I’m old enough not to need that.’

Guardiola also claimed it will take 10 years for City to be in the same class as neighbours Manchester United. He said: 

We don’t have the history with this shirt of Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich or Manchester United, not their titles. It’s about being in Europe over the next decade, to be in the Champions League. That’s more important to this club than winning one title, believe me. We have to convince people at this amazing club that they are good. They are good. And the fans as well. They have to believe they are good, the club is good, the players are good.’ 

‘Everybody has doubts,’ he said. ‘The doubts help you a lot as well to get better. I think of myself, speak with my staff and the people I trust, to convince myself whether my doubts are just crazy moments. When I was young I was able to watch six games of each opponent,’ he said.  

‘Now I am old. We lost too much hair trying to watch six games! When I’m talking about the passion of football, on the pitch it remains the same. I don’t know if I’m exceptional. I think I am good because I’ve spent seven years plus at good teams. I won titles at amazing clubs with long histories. 

‘You can’t imagine how good those players were. It wasn’t that I won because of Pep — only Pep. There were many other reasons. I was just part of that.’

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