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 Reverend John Ifeanyi Ezeike,  who is a  Priest at Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion Asaba, Delta state welcomed a set of triplets on Wednesday
October 19th, 13 years after he got married.
 See what he wrote…

“God has shown me great favor and mercy today the 19th day of October
2016. In 2003, God led me to marry my good and humble wife, as a young
graduate of Uniben, serving my NYSC, but little did we know what will
befall both of us. For 13 good years we waited, we cried, we were
hopeless and sometimes dejected, we had mental torture for we could not
have a child in the marriage. But our faith in God kept us hoping that
one day God will answer our prayer. As human we got to a stage that we
felt all hope of having babies is gone, even at this stage we maintained
our close walk with God that even if He did not give us any child we
were ready to go childless and still serve Him so long we make heaven at
last. But then it was a tortuous moment.
God today in His in his faithfulness has decided to bless us with our
own babies of triplet, two boys and a girl on this 19th day of October,
2016, after 13 years of waiting. Just thank this Great God for His
goodness and mercy.”

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