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Alhaji Ataka former Suleja LG Chairman of Niger State who was unseated because of some Corruption allegations but went to court and was today found not guilty, returned to the Local Government secretary to take his rightful place ; unfortunately he was refused Alhaji Maje the nullified Chairman. Before Ataka was removed from his official seat, he was the boss of  Maje. Maje served as vice chairman under the leadership of Ataka

 The return of Ataka to office became a problem as the seating chairman Maje has refused to vacate the office. Our reporter said It wasn’t too long, thugs were seen present who claimed that they came to protest but they took along with them  knives and other harmful weapons. Suleja Local Government Secretariat was filled up with politicians and thugs and it almost resulted to physical fight and assault. But thank God for police and SARS who availed themselves and dispatched the thugs and spectators. As we report this incident right now, gunshots are been fired SARS and people are running for safety. More details to come.

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