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Sir Keir Starmer has officially become the new Prime Minister of Britain following his meeting with King Charles II at the monarch’s Audience Room in Buckingham Palace in London on Friday.

After the private meeting, Starmer left the Palace at about 12.25pm (11.25 UK time) to No. 10, Downing Street, London, to formally assume office and as well address the country.

Addressing the nation from London shortly after the election results solidified Labour’s majority, Starmer outlined his vision for a period of “national renewal” under his leadership.

Kier Starmer officially becomes Britain

“Change begins now. And it feels good, I have to be honest,” he declared in his victory speech. “A mandate like this comes with a great responsibility. Our task is nothing less than renewing the ideas that hold this country together. National renewal,” he said.

With Labour surpassing the 326-seat threshold needed for a parliamentary majority, Starmer emphasised the need to restore trust and unity across the country. “Whoever you are, wherever you start in life, if you work hard, if you play the rules, this country should give you a fair chance to get on,” he asserted.

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