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kingmaker in Kwali chiefdom, Alhaji Ladan Abubakar, has urged relevant authorities to appoint Sarkin Kwali to fill the vacuum left behind the late Sarki since 2009.

The Kauran Kwali, who spoke with City News, said for peace to reign in the area, politics must be put aside and a new sarki appointed.

Refuting claims that the Etsu Kwali, Shaban Nizazo, was attacked recently the Hausa community because they did not want him to be chief, he said “we are looking for peace and peaceful co-existence. We are not looking to fight or start any trouble with anyone.”

The octogenarian, who said the stool of Sarkin Kwali started in 1907 as a district head and elevated to second class status in 1997, added that it cannot be abolished.
“The way we can solve this problem is that this royal household should be given the respect it deserves because no Gwari man has ever entered to rule in this household,” he said.
He added that the stool of Etsu Kwali was political and cannot be placed on the same status with Sarkin Kwali.
Denying the allegation that the royal household sponsored the attack on Etsu Kwali, he accused him of allegedly ruling like a despot. 
“What happened is that he stopped people from using the road when he is on the road going to the mosque and some youths did that day and he asked that they be flogged. Is this right? Is this how to rule? This is not right. Nobody cares about him and nobody goes to his house or wants to have anything to do with him with the way he behaves,” he said. (City News, Daily Trust)

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