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Last week Sunday 23rd we reported that the popular Gospel singer E-Daniels at an event ,SPEAK, put together Ground Zero, unofficially announced the date of his first album release to be 21st of May 2017. At the event he said he was going to make the announcement official on his social media platforms.

Truly, E-Daniels has officially announced the date for his first official album release. E-Daniels yesterday Saturday via all his social media platform made it public that his album release will be on the 21st of May 2017. Though at SPEAK he said Hope Alive Christian Centre will be the venue, we are anticipating for  the venue to be officially announced too plus other details about the album release. Just keep your fingers crossed as I am Best Networks brings to you all the details about E-Daniels album release. Save 21st of May 2017 for E- Daniels album release. Its gonna be a hit.

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