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A lot have sleep out of our hands because we are unable to win the contest between the battles fought from inside and outside.
An intrusion from different angles is alarming and as such becomes overwhelming. Apparently, this noises appears in one’s life just to get you off the balance. Every living human being is a fighter. This is the reason why at every point life present us with noises that need to be dealt with. Walking away into isolation can provide healing but all the same you don’t have to give up. When you are becloud with such moments, you need time to yourself to think and get things right. It might demands you taking a walk into solace, keeping in touch with few people, changing diet or better still working on your habits. Other times, it makes us loose our comfort zone.

What are these noises? this could be self doubt, financial status, pressures from social media, failure to achieve your stated goals, dreams or career etc.

Hey bro/sis I need you to take it easy on yourself.
A solace room will provide you with time to rethink, recuperate, refresh and regain your strength. Some of us who are Christians will understand better why Jesus in the Bible despite who he was and what he was doing still knew the importance of the lone time, he goes up to the mountain to pray for him to regain his strength. Another example is the eagle, when an eagle starts going weary, what it does at the moment is that it goes up to the mountain to its nest to shed of its old wings in order to grow new ones and stay there for a while to regain its strength so as to enable it soar higher.

Those period could be really painful but believe me you need it for your growth and mental sanity, you don’t always have to be in the crowd. Be reminded at all times when noise intrude that, this is not a time to give up but its a time to stay off all negative energies coming from within you and from the environment. Ensure you always give yourself a Lone time treat .

Thank You. – I am Abigail Moses

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