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“Howbeit, as the disciples stood round about him, he rose up, and came into the city: and the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.” (Acts 14:20).

The strongest power on earth is the power of love. To be surrounded love is to be injected with the force of encouragement and fulfilment of every life’s assignment.
Beloved, love is stronger than death. It brought back Apostle Paul into full existance when he was about to be given an untimely title of “Blessed Memory.” Many unmanifested potentials in life of people have been burried with them because there was no sufficient company of people who could surround them round about as it was done to Apostle Paul to checkout the sting of death so their Vision, destiny and potential could see the light of it day.

1. Love Focuses on  doing for others what we expect others to do for us. Treating other the way we expect others to treat us. It is putting ourself in the shoes of others and becoming sensitive to their pains.

2. Love Focuses on giving meaning, purpose and value to the lives of people that God brings our way. Such as our wives, husbands, client, boss, etc. When people come in contact with you they should feel love of God. Let their value be enhanced and self worth boosted with sense of recognition and belonging the way you relate to them.

3. Love also Focuses on give others satisfaction relieving their fears, worries and agitation. This is achieved displaying genuine interest in the needs of the people.

4. Love Focuses on an existance that is free of bitterness, malice or strife. Love makes you go out of your way to ensure that tension and strife is Eliminated from your life.
When you live with love you get others connected to you the power of love.
Love is the language and power of God. It will change everything around you.

PRAYER: Father I make demand for the grace to daily transmit the measure of love that changes lives of people around me.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I prophesy upon your life today that out of you shall be release the power of love that will change things around you in Jesus Name.

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