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“…But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,” (Philippians 3:13).

One thing about your life and destiny is that you cannot live in the past and have accomodation in the future. The name Florence Chadwick might not be familiar to you but the lesson of her life is worth note taking.
Florence Chadwick set out to swim on the Fourth of July 1954 from catalina island to califonia coast. She was already the first woman to swim the English channel in both direction, and this would be another first for women in history. As the story goes, she has been in the Icy water for hours and the dense fog swallowed her sight. She couldn’t see the boats following alongside, and she couldnt see the distant shore (what a big picture, that needed to be executed in phases). Her mother and her trainer shouted encouragement from a boat next to her. They assured her the shore was near, but she couldn’t see it. Less than half a mile from the shore, Florence did something she had never done.
She quite exhausted, she was pulled from the fresh-water. What happened to Florence Chadwick has probably happened to each of us in some way. She could not see the shoreline in the fog. She lost sight of her goal and gave up just short of reaching it. Exhaustation and discouragement sometimes overshadow us even though others are cheering us up.
Now here this: Two months later, Florence Chadwick dove into the catalins channel again with a goal to make history. In spite of the dense fig, she was successful. What made this sudden change? In her mind she held a picture of the shore she could not see with her eyes. Sight is the function of the eyes. Vision is a function of the heart. Florence Chadwick remind us to break out distance shore into segments and memorize our distance shore like scriptural verses. So that no matter what happens, our vision is not obstructed. We can move steadily forward with complete confidence and faith.
The fog may still roll in, and we may grow weary. Even so, we are sure our destination, our victory – is there, closer than we may know.
We will not lose sight of the goal, because, the goal is on the inside of us. To succeed in your life and vision pursuit is to live with an index cards record memory to describe your victory in vivid detail and on the other side, list the resources you will need to be successful. People who can help, and the action you can take to move in the direction of your goal. Carry this gard with you and read them every single day.

PRAYER: O LORD, I receive the grace to proceed in action to fulfil my vision in Jesus Name.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I decree upon your life that after today people shall begin to marvel at your result in the name of Jesus.
Pastor Misheal Tomizayi

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