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A Maserati car, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his daughter
A well-known Malawian pastor in South Africa, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has presented his daughter a new luxury car, Maserati on her 4th birthday. Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of ECG (Enlightened Christian Gathering Church) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International.

Bushiri is very famous for his extravagant lifestyle. A few weeks earlier, he created a sensation when buying a fleet of vehicles for his workers.
Prophet Bushiri Buys 4-Year-Old Daughter a U.S.$414,000 Maserati
The preacher stressed that people are too into the money and neglect the importance of being there for family and forget how to be responsible parents.
He revealed his extravagant present pictures and share moving words on Facebook on her daughter’s birthday. He always feel blessed because he got the honour to celebrate both the birth of Jesus Christ and the birth of his first born daughter, Israella Bushiri.
A Maserati car and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's daughter
The luxury present – Maserati and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter
A Maserati car, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his daughter
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