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The photo attached was reportedly taken after Maryam Sanda fought with her husband, Bilyaminu Bello, son of former PDP Chairman, Haliru Bello, and stabbed him to death at their Abuja home on Sunday, November 19th.

Maryam who is a nursing mother of an eight-month-old daughter, stabbed Bilyaminu to death after she reportedly found a text message from someone she presumed was his girlfriend.

Maryam is currently in police custody. The police in Abuja have retrieved the CCTV footage from their home which shows the last moments of the deceased. The security guards at their home have also been arrested and are helping the police in their investigation.

* The inside story of the husband killer
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A private investigator, Mr Mohammed Abubakar just sent this piece to elucidating on what supposedly transpired between Maryam Sanda and her husband, Bilyaminu Haliru which led to the untimely death of the young man.

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Concerned with the news trending in the social yesterday and today, we found it rather strange and completely out of norm with the culture and tradition of the north which was  captioned in most social media as “Crime of Passion”.

We decided to go to all the places mentioned in most of the write-ups to do an independent investigation and to know what truly prompted Maryam Sanda to do what she did.

An investigator visited Maitama Nigerian Police Force Division and Maitama General Hospital today to confirm the real status of the sudden  dead of a promising young man whom I have known for quite some time, even though from a distance, Bilyaminu Haliru.

We were called the management of General Hospital on the early hours of Sunday morning  around 2.30am over a patient brought to the hospital for treatment of injury.
We met the couple involved and investigated what led to the injury and the wife was traumatized and just kept saying “treat him, treat him”.

We later found out that that they were having  misunderstanding over issues of a nude picture his girlfriend send to him.

She claimed the argument went on  for some time but he was busying smoking Sisha and in trying to prevent him from smoking  it and to get his attention  she broke the bottle and arguments ensued.

In attempt to beat her up, he stood up and slipped from water that poured out of the Sisha bottle, or so she claims.

He fell  on top of a sharp object believed to be from the Sisha material which pierced into his neck region.

She  drove him to the hospital when she realized it was serious and was certified dead some minutes after arriving the hospital.

The NPF @ Maitama Division further stated they went to the couple residence and observed the scene and moved all items seen including the Sisha bottle /material and some broken bottles .

No knife weapon was found, according to the police who does not want his name to be mentioned, but further said the two families went to the police men to take the exhibits at the crime scene.

There was no Autopsy report according to the NPF based on the instruction from Bilyaminus parents who told the DPO that they want no case and they leave everything to God as it is destined to happen, hence the approval for the yesterday’s  final burial.
When the Criminal Investigation Department of the FCT Command decided to commence a fresh investigation, they went to the scene of incident at Maitama residence, but could not do much but to fall back to NPF Maitama Division.

The families are together we gather even though there some aggrieved family members here and there which is natural and expected.

Scientifically, Autopsy report is what a forensic expert can rely on to prosecute a case of this nature to determine if it was a killer knife or truly a deep cut as a result of the fall from the slip.

 We found out that the wife of the deceased is currently being detained Garki police station.

Some said state CID Garki but as at the time of this report we gather she has been taken to the commissioner’s office for further interrogation.

We were at the Cassandra home of Dr Bello and could not reach the mother of the deceased nor the mother of Maryam, whom we gather has been there since the unfortunate incident happened.

We gather it is the culture especially for young couples.
We also learnt there was a contract signed for Bilyaminu not to hit his wife again and both  of them agreed to the terms.

Bilyamin, we learnt, was a wife beater and that this is not his first marriage but second. He divorced his first wife just two months after he married her and went after Maryam whose mother we learnt opposed to the wedding because of how he divorced his first wife.

We also learnt Maryam loves Bilyaminu so much that when they travelled to America to have their first baMaryam begged her parents to pay all the expenses and she was obliged.

I will continue to dig and find out more for the benefits of the people who deserve to know the truth.

Ibrahim Aleiro, who sold the story to the social media, is not completely sure of his story as we learnt he was asked to write a statement but his uncle stopped him for doing same.
Stay tuned…

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