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Don’t Allow circumstances to define your worth – Atiba Dorcas Anuoluwapo

There have been times in my life when my poor choices have made me feel less valuable as a person. I want you to know there is a purpose even in hard times. Nothing you experience in life is meant to make you less valuable. In fact, I believe difficult circumstances empower you to become a better version of yourself.

You are just as valuable today as you were yesterday, and as you will be tomorrow. You were put on this earth for a purpose and a reason. No matter what you were told, you are a valuable piece of the puzzle.

There have been times in my life where my circumstances were not very attractive. I was making bad decisions and my circumstances were proof of my choices. However, I still had value in the worst of times. Even when I did not make good decisions there was purpose in my pain. I can now use my experience to help others and that gave my pain purpose during the process and gives it purpose after the process.

So many times in life we equate our value to our circumstances. 

The truth is that we are all valuable. The world will tell you many lies. 

Be sure to listen intently for the whispers of truth and do not allow that truth to be drowned out byhe lies that the world will scream at you. I am valuable despite my circumstances, and so are you.

Atiba Dorcas Anuoluwapo

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