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Danjuma Philip
former miss Gbasa and former miss Gbagyi Nigeria 2016, a very
beautiful single woman with great visions and potentials wired inside of her
born on the 12th of March 1993. This damsel hails from Ushafa Bwari
Area Council, Abuja Nigeria.  She speaks
and understand Gbagyi, Hausa and English. Faith attended LEA Gwarinpa and GGSS
Dutse. She is a good cook, she loves writing, reading and swimming. Read about her “girl child education project” plus her astonished photos after this cut…

Faith D.
Philip also known as Adayilo has been working on a project which is her vision.
She has been working on this tremendous project even when she was still miss
Gbagyi. This enormous  and gigantic project
is centered on “THE GIRL CHILD EDUCATION.” She has this great desire to see that
the female gender is carried along educationally. When  I am Best Networks asked her what this whole
project was all about she said,
 “its all about encouraging our girls to go back
to school and for our parents to know the importance of girl child education
She added saying, 
“its also for our rulers and stake holders to know the
importance of girl child education and the role it plays in the society.” 
D. Philip is carrying out this project not because she has been denied of
education herself, she is actually a public administrative student in Nassarawa
State University. But she is carrying out this project because she has met,
talked to and seen lots of young girls been denied of education because of one
reason or the other. She has the vision to promote girl child education to any length
so long as she can breathe. So it pains her a lot to see any girl been denied
education.  She has but only few sponsors
like Oga Landlors Foundation and Fact Foundation. After carrying out a program
at  Kwamba LEA primary school Suleja
Niger State, she plans on hosting a big event in regards to “The Girl Child
Education Program.” Though it has not been easy for her because of poor or no funding
for her projects.

Faith is one
of those few persons who have this great heart to reach out to the society. She
is a humble humanitarian, lover of people and a smart young woman ready to give
all she has for the betterment of her society. As time goes on we will bring to
you some of her works and achievements.

More will be
coming from Faith Danjuma Philip exclusive from I am Best Tv. This was put
together in support of “The girl child education” exclusively on  I am Best Networks.  

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