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The gospel music minister and praise warrior Zion Yetunde Are is yet out with a new music video titled “Praise Warfare.” When we engage in praise warfare, we are directly or indirectly charging God to intercede or intervene on our behalf. 

PRAISE WARFARE byYetunde Are is a prayer intercessory song, a song that charges you to battle.

On the altar is where all spirits converge and bow, where noises are heard, the kind of noise different from any other. All soul and spirit witnesses the sacrifice burning with extreme fire and angels ascending and descending bythe reason of the sweet savour.

And that is how we fight and win our wars, that is our weapon to disengage our enemies. The Israelites back in the days of Moses know what this means.

The spearmen and warlords are supposed to be on the war front, but no, people you find there are singers burning internally with fire and with cymbals, trumpets, and tambourines in their hands.

We now have our WARLORD and His name is no other than that mighty and terrifying name, the name that disengages authorities, and dominions and powers and renders them useless in their coven, the mighty man of Calvary, JESUS CHRIST! The only one and loving God that intercedes truthfully and fights the battle for His own.

It’s time for battle and Praise Warfare by Zion Yetunde Are is here to dress you for battle. That’s how we win, it is our weapon and power!

Click to watch below:

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