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Everest Cross releases “Amazing Grace” a hit single off his recently launched Album LIFTED

Everest Cross has been through the good, the bad and the ugly of life. He got the inspiration of the album “lifted” when he felt he has hit the rock bottom of his life and knew that only God could help.

The album in totality is a compendium of his life story.
With these songs, God has shown him the evidence of His great love. So all he seeks is to talk to everyone, telling them how God has dealt bountifully with him. Also, how they could experience this rain of amazing grace in their lives.

Everest is a prolific writer, an excellent speaker and an intense worshipper, he started worshipping at the tender age of 6, with the tangible evidence of the Holy Spirit.
He is a passionate evangelist that believes in the undiluted word of God and shows it massive evangelism at all times and in any possible way.


Watch Video Below:

Facebook: Everest Cross
Instagram: @everestcross | @everestcross_fanpage
Twitter: @everestcross
YouTube: Everest Cross
Email:[email protected]
Phone number: 08105364446

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