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Niger State ,”the power state” is divided into three major political zones and they are: Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. As elections draw closer, various aspirants are already showing interest for various political posts . The big question trending in the state is “What Zone is going to Produce the next Governor of The State?”

Have you also been wondering? Here is a break down of various zones in Niger State and Governors they have produced at one time or the other. I hope this leads to a lasting answer to the big question. Let us get the records straight!!!
                       ZONE A
                  LATE AA KURE

He was nupe tribe, a product of ZoneA. He governed from May 1999-2007 a total of 8years……
                        ZONE B
                 AUWAL IBRAHIM
He is from the political Zone B of Niger State.  A Hausa speaking man,  and he ruled from October 1979-December 1983. A total of 4years 3months.
                     BABANGIDA ALIYU

He is the immediate past Governor of the State. He is Hausa and had ruled the State for 8years. That is from May 2007- May 2015.
   Now, a combination of both Governors from Zone B makes it alright to say that Zone B had the seat of power in Niger State for 12years 3months..
                          ZONE C
                  Late MUSA INUWA

He was from the Kambari speaking part of Niger State and he ruled from January 1992- November 1993  for or a total of 23months.
                ABUBAKAR SANI BELLO

He is Hausa also from the political zone C axis of Niger State. The state is currently under his leadership. He mounted the sit of governorship May 2015. His tenure is to last for four years that is until May 2019 making a total of four years.
     Abubakar Sani’s tenure, in addition to Musa Inuwa’s tenure makes it clear that Zone C has ruled for a total of 5years 11months .
     These records go a long way in answering the big question……

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