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Born Williams Bako, MM whilz also known as bushboymelodies is a Nigerian singer and songwriter
His new song CRUSADERS SONG is another stew rightly laced with Consciousness as his music is mostly known for.

The song talks about the abuse of power the chosen and disregard of the masses who choose these people to head over them, the musician is seen telling his story based on  his experience
In the chorus after labelling the problems he assures the masses that “we gon be fine” “we would always survive” in spite of the abuse of power and beautiful irresponsibility   of the rulers
The song awakens the consciousness of comrades and as rightly named crusaders
Aside from the soulful soothing vocals and heart-warming melodies This is an anthem for whoever care for himself/herself and the situation of his/her nation
The video says it all,it can’t be far from this. Have a beautiful experience that’s all there is to say.
The audio was made Tayo christian and vissuals Mercyrick for TW records.


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