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This is just as Senegal’s forces at the Gambian border gave Yahya Jammeh a midnight ultimatum to relinquish power.

 The Air Force contingent for the Gambia operation were air lifted from the 117 Air Combat Training Group Kainji, in Niger state, to be on standin Dakar, Senegal.
The troops airlifted in an Hercules C-130 transport plane included; Combat Support Group, Technicians, Special Forces, and Medical personnel.
Other platforms also deployed to the Gambia are: fighter jets, helicopters gunships, and a Hercules C-130 among others.
The Chief of Air Staff (CAS) Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar while addressing the troops tasked them to be of professional conduct as they go about their duties.
Speaking to Journalists, Abubakar said: “They have been given the task which is very well defined, and we have put together all the air assets that we think are necessary to ensure that we are able to successfully conduct this operation and that is what we have on ground here.”
He said: “What we have here are men that are highly trained, highly skilled, they know their job and they know their task.”

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