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I write this as a young fellow who is putting in efforts to fulfill destiny, serve humanity, create good values in our society and live a happy life. I hope this refreshes your soul as you journey on.

Over time, in my interaction and life’s experience I have discovered there is no absolute finish line for everyone in the race of life. Our tracks are totally different and our durations are different because we are created and called into different purposes and thus, we journey differently.
The only thing we have in common is the same empire which is the world which we live in.

Here are few instances that I am certain we are familiar with but they hit differently. One person graduates at age twenty(20) and struggles for another five(5) or ten(10) years to get a job. Another might graduate at twenty-five (25) and get a job immediately. One can marry a virgin and wait for the next decade to have the blessing of children; another lady probably after being promiscuous and having series of abortions in her past becomes a mother almost immediately after marriage. A fellow becomes Managing Director or even a famous CEO at thirty-eight(38) and dies at fifty-two(52) while another becomes Managing Director or CEO at fifty-two (52) and lives upto ninety-seven (97) years.
This is the life we live in. Because of the instances above and similar life experiences, I totally do not subscribe to competition and comparison with my fellow human being on this journey of Life.

What a life. Life is just full of twists, turns, ups and downs, lots of surprises and disappointments. Life offers each and everyone of us different opportunities and once an opportunity is lost, it’s gone. This is not to say that one can’t have a second chance. Second and even third chances happen but it’s all bythe mercies and grace of God. This is why the first opportunity shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is up to each one of us to patiently prepare, wait, recognise and utilize every opportunity. We learn on the way as we move daily.

No one has it all or knows it all. There is a reason why we all don’t fall at the same time, it’s so that when one is down, weak and discouraged, the other who is strong can encourage and lift the fallen. God never promises that the road would be easy, but he promised never to leave nor forsake us. Although life is complicated, let us learn to go easy on ourselves and trust that God is working it all out for our good (even if it doesn’t make sense now). Whatever trials, challenges or down times we face, all shall pass and in due course we will be up and strong again to lift up those who may be down around us.

Never loose hope. We all have a story to tell someday. So stay alive to tell that story. This is just a piece to everyone on this journey called Life to keep keeping on as we all believe that we shall reach our destination in happy mode feeling fulfilled.

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