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Remember that Elrufai recently addressed the “Sa Gbagyi” as King of Chikun(in a way limiting the Sa Gbagyi Chiefdom) and the entire Gbagyi nations are not happy about the change of nomenclature despite the elevation of the “Sa Gbagyi” from 2nd class king to 1st class.

The “Sa Gbagyi” is a traditional title of the Gbagyi people and its constitutional. According to Barr. Luke in statement issued he said Elrufai has no right to change the name of any traditional ruler nor should he address any traditional ruler with another name aside the one constitutionally and traditionally known. Read what he wrote below:

I congratulate the former Sa Gbagy now HRH Esu Chikun Dr. Danjuma S. Barde on his LITMUS TEST elevation to the status of 1st class chief.
However, Adara people and indeed Southern Kaduna should read the handwriting on the wall.  I do not oppose the elevation Sa Gbagy, of course I have no reason whatsoever to do so. But I’m not impressed because the reasons for this sudden gesture immediately after the demise of HRH Agom Adara leaves so much to be desired. Sa Gbagy’s elevation was not to impress anybody but to create room to address him as ‘Esu Chikun’ on the media and watch the public reaction especially the targeted area: a carefully, tactically, calculated and premeditated ploy to implement the hitherto failed attempt to review the chieftaincy system in Kaduna State ahead of the installation of the successor to the seat of Agom Adara. 
Adara chiefdom being a hard knot to crack, the actor went to Gbagy chiefdom to test his mettle.
 Adara whose Traditional seat is vacant should either tie their belt against the obvious or be prepared to accept the installation of “Agom Kachia (Sarkin Kachia)”. And the implications?
1. Adara in Kajuru will not longer be part of “Kachia” Chiefdom but be subsumed under, Kajuru ‘Emirate’.
2.  being ‘Sarkin Kachia’ the hallowed seat of Agom Adara would now be opened for everybody. And of course you know the result: a non Adara as our ruler. Kachia District is a case study. 
3. Already, Kajuru chiefdom is under them, our people would now be subjected under the ruler ship of a stranger in our own very Land  which cannot be contemplated or replicated under whatever guise in the North.
4. If this succeeds as did that of Gbagy Chiefdom, all chiefdoms in SK should be prepared to be issued a 7 days directive to start complying with the new names. Consequently, expect  indiscriminate displacements and replacement of our chiefs under whatever guise. 
While calling on Adara people to stand their ground following and using all necessary legal means against any attempt to directly or indirectly impose a traditional ruler on them, I want SK to know that this fight is not just the Adara fight but the entire southern Kaduna. We need to  join forces under one voice and fight this common enemy.
Elrufai has no power express or implied to address any chiefdom with a name different from the one contained in the law establishing these Chiefdoms as chosen the said chiefdoms after careful consultations and duly gazetted under the Laws of Kaduna state. No chiefdom has requested for the change of its name. Just if there is, Adara Chiefdom has no such application and has vehemently rejected the unsolicited ‘gesture’ the state government to do so in their behalf. And I believe other Southern Kaduna Chiefdoms are on the same page. The law establishing our chiefdoms has not been repealed.
El-rufai is better advised to hold it from the Emirates he has created unlawfully and the now Esu Chikun as just been Christened . those ones gleefully accepted it. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MALICIOUS AND UNLAWFUL CHANGE OF THE NAME OUR CHIEFDOMS.
Signed:Barr. Luke Godwin Waziri.@waziriluke[email protected]

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