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NSCDC in an interview NAN said it has   deployed about 240 personnel to 16 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps to check the menace of prostitution.

The State Commandant, Mr Ibrahim Abdullahi said 
 “240 intelligent personnel were deployed to 16 IDPs camps located in the state capital to check this ugly trend of prostitution among IDPs.
You will recall that the command had raised an alarm about five months ago, that some persons were taking advantage of the situation of the IDPs to engage them into prostitution.
These group of culprits were also IDPs, who were taking refuge in the host communities who usually invite this IDPs out of camps and do all sort of things with them.
To be honest with you, there are also bad eggs amongst these IDPs, because it is crystal clear that some of them enjoyed what they are doing.
When the alarm was raised some weeks ago, the ugly trend stopped, but I can tell you that they have now shifted their activities to the host communities, where they meet and do all sort of things without fear.”

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