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The Gbagyi nations and especially the Kaduna Gbagyi indigenes have frowned at Elrufai the Kaduna State Governor for referring to ‘Sa Gbagyi'( the highly placed Gbagyi king in Kaduna) as ‘Esu Chikun’ on his state broadcast in his statement yesterday as he addressed the nation on the Kaduna crisis.
This disapproval is all Gbagyis nationwide and in diaspora especially Kaduna Gbagyi indigenes. A Facebook user David Madami who is a prominent Kaduna Gbagyi indigene and other Gbagyi concerned individuals showed disapproval and thus, wrote:

Dear @elrufai after your state broadcast today, the Gbagyi people are still shock that you Referred to Our King the Sa-Gbagyi 1 of Kaduna State as Esu Chikun.
This error should be corrected with immediate effect as Our King Remains Sa-Gbagyi 1.
@elrufai when the proposal for the change of Nomenclature was brought to the Gbagyi People, we never accepted the Change of the Title of our Revered King to Esu Chikun. Calling our King Esu Chikun is Unacceptable to Us.
Our King remain the Sa-Gbagyi 1.
@elrufai  when you visited the palace of Our Paramount Ruler today, it was clearly written “Sa-Gbagyi” and Not Esu Chikun
The Name Esu Chikun will Never be accepted!
Sa-Gbagyi we Know!

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