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FFK said this in a post he shared this afternoon on his Facebook page he wrote:

Senator Iyiola Omisore will not let us down. He is my cousin and I have spoken with him at length. We are together. We will show Tinubu what happens when the Ifes stand together.
We are going to end the reign of tyranny of the APC in the rerun on Thursday. Buhari and the APC are planning to rig it in collaboation with INEC but they will be shocked what will happen.
For the wickedness, bondage, poverty, tyranny, evil and humiliation that they have visited on the people of Osun state and particularly the people of Ile-Ife over the last 8 years Buhari, Tinubu, Aregebesola and their Association of Pedophiles and Coprophiliacs (APC) will pay a heavy price.
PDP, SDP and others will join forces and flush out the garbage that resides in Government House, Osogbo.
Osun state needs spiritual cleansing. It needs the light and power of ‘Imole’ to drive out the darkness, voodoo and paganism of the Iragbiji and Bourdillon mafia.
Osun is not an appendage of Lagos state. We are not vassals or slaves. We are a proud, strong and independent people.
Senator Demola Adeleke won hands down on Saturday and, if the courts do not put a stop to the rerun, he will win big time again on Thursday.
Whether the enemy likes it or not he will be Governor of Osun state. PDP is on the rise again in the South West. Thanks be to God.

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